Sunday, September 27, 2015

District Conference

After today's District Conference, we're proud to say that Distrito Virú pulled it off every bit as good as Huaraz's Stake Conference, except we had a choir and they didn't. During Saturday session, the Primary Choir sang "I feel my Savior's Love," and they sang it with gusto! I was so proud of my kids from Nuevo Chao. My young piano student Alissa accompanied and did an excellent job. When the Mission President asked questions in his talk about the differences between consequences and tests, my kids shouted out the answers with little Spencer in the lead.
At the Sunday session the choir stole the show, at least we thought so. We contrived this grand ceremony where I strutted up on the stand and waved the choir members up from the front rows. They all loved it. We opened with "I love to see the Temple" accompanied by Maria, another young piano student. Elder Miller came through with shining colors pumping out the "third" verse with trills and improv on his harmonica. The congregation was spellbound. Our closing song, "Rise, Ye Saints, and Temples Enter" ended the meeting beautifully with Maria's sister Angie on the piano, and I know everyone was proud of a good job well done. Also on the program was a special soloist, a sweet young girl from Trujillo. Her brother accompanied on the piano most impressively. The District pulled off a great conference with lots of participation and minimal help from the missionaries.
Later on we attended a training session focused on visiting and home teaching using the spirit. The key note speaker was me, recounting humorous adventures in visiting teaching. I closed with a story about how I asked Martha to teach me how to teach piano. She told me to just love them and follow the spirit. I'd post my talk, but it's in Spanish. They showed a video about what not to do when visiting teaching. I wondered what everyone thought about the big American houses and luxury cars that nobody has here. Maybe they just figured that's how it always is in movies.

I feel My Savior's Love  by the Primary Choir 
The whole gang after District Conference
After District Conference 
Elders Arévalo & Miller after a successful harmonica gig, "I Love to see the Temple"


  1. Martha: GREAT job on the choir numbers Mom!!! You are a pro!!

  2. Hyrum: the people in the pictures make you look tall Grandma!! ha ha!
    Joe: there are a lot of students in the choir. I love the song, I Love to See the Temple.
    Martha: Lyle is not here, that is why you are not seeing any comments from him
    Hyrum: the harmonica elder is bosz.
    Martha: what does that mean Hyrum??
    Hyrum: it mean boss, but twice as cool.
    All: good job GnG! It is fun to see your pictures and read your notes!!!

  3. This is one of my favorite blogs to visit! Great job on the music, Hermana Whitney. Hey, I could have loaned you my old name badge!