Monday, September 14, 2015

Primary Activity

Saturday we boarded a compact mini van, 17 of us, what a squeeze. We headed down the highway from Nuevo Chao toward Chao, when wait, stop, we forgot Susan! Turn around, let's go get her. After a bit our tall eleven year old came strolling down the sandy road from her little house. She towers over everyone at about 5 feet. I don't know how, but we fit her in too. At the park in Chao we talked about the anniversary of the primary, played some games, I tried to teach them Ring around the Rosy, but they kept singing Aroz con Leche. They did get into rolling the Rs in Ring around the Rosy. We played some voleybol and futbol. The tire swing was a huge hit. We had juice and cookies then crowded back into the little van to go home. Successful outing!
Later on the kids met me at Puente for District Conference choir practice. This is for Saturday session and just primary children. They sang their hearts out and I took a video to show them Sunday. After practice there was a big Primary Fiesta, again celebrating the anniversary. I think it was a few years ago, but that's okay. We sang songs, and danced till everyone was exhausted. Then they brought out treats: cups of jello, chicha pudding, picante mashed potato balls on toothpicks, popcorn, candy, cake. They really know how to throw a fiesta!

Are we there yet? 
Treats at the Primary Anniversary Celebration 
Spencer dancing at the fiesta
Let's dance! 
Angels singing at choir practice
Treats at the top of the slide

Successful Primary Activity 
Cielo's turn in the tire swing
Where's Elder Whitney's hat?
Jeffrey's having fun! 
More dancing
King of the tire swing 
Dance, dance, dance!

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  1. Very fun activity! Cracks me up that Elder Whitney wears Levi's and suspenders.