Saturday, September 12, 2015

Multi Zone Conference

Being around all these young missionaries makes us feel young. 
We have Hermanas...
...and Elders...
...and Feliz Cumpliaños...
...but not much Papa John's pizza left. And I was expecting beans & rice. 
Oh that Elder Pacheco bombing my photo, again?
These two moms are so proud of their "sons" and "daughters"!


  1. Lyle helped me figure out how to sign out Mel and sign in me. Who knew??

  2. Lizzy: how much pizza was that?
    Lyle: are you in a rich part of Peru? I didn't know they had real pizza there!
    Joe: is that a cake or flowers?
    Hyrum: when did Sister missionaries come in?
    Lizzy: is that juice?
    Martha: no it's not-- is that the same inca stuff from back in the day??
    All: whose birthday is it??