Saturday, September 19, 2015

Huaraz - 2 mile high city

Checking the map to Huaraz, the road looked like a series of lightening bolts. As the bus swayed over the edge on each turn, we kept telling ourselves that the driver knows exactly where his wheels are. At first we felt impatient that the bus only went 20 km/hour, but the more zig zags we climbed, the more grateful we felt. What a breath taking sight to finally  behold the city nestled in a bowl surrounded by Andean peaks.
That evening we strolled the streets searching for a pollo a la brasa recommended by our hotel hostess. Along the way we made the delightful acquaintance of Hermana Pilar, who recognized us by our missionary name tags. She escorted us right to the restaurant, however by then we were so taken by her friendliness and the charm of the city that we craved more typical food. She recommended La Colina for cuy (roasted guinea pig) and other traditional treats. Unfortunately La Colina is only open during the day. Then she mentioned her bother's restaurant,  Don Vito, named for her father. It was perfect. We sat upstairs with a bird's eye view of the fascinating street action. We feasted on  anticuchos de coraz√≥n, beef heart pieces grilled on a stick. Also for our enjoyment: grilled chicken & sausage, fried potatoes and chicha morada. The waiter brought us little toy dishes for salad bar, and that was delicious too. I almost committed a faux pas by frowning at the tiny salad plates. The waiter promptly offered us larger plates, but we recovered by insisting that no no, the doll plates were fine!
Inca harp

Huaraz: a city of many hats

Color cordinated with blue and purple

Black & beige, it goes with everything. 

Tipped to the side for that special flare

Hats are a must for selling choclo corn.

Just not fully dressed without the hat

With her hat on, she's ready for anything. 

Her hat is a perfect accessory.

View from our hotel

Can you  ever tire of looking at the Andes?

If I ever swat flies on chicken, stop me!


  1. The hat pictures make me smile. Bus drivers in those countries have a special calling. I have never seen them crash, but I am not sure why.

  2. What beautiful people! You make me hungry with your talk of anticuchos and everything else.

  3. All: are those different people wearing all those hats?
    Lizzy: are you stocking that person-- or are they all different people?
    Martha: why are the hats so tall???
    Hyrum: When she swats the flies, does the fly swatter make contact with the chicken?
    Hyrum: those are some pretty mountains.
    LIzzy: why are the women wearing those cape things?
    Hyrum: I bet Aunt Becca likes the harp picture!
    Martha: That's funny about the salad plates at the restaurant. Lots of meat, little greens?
    Hyrum: you are a good spy taking all those hat pics of people!
    Joe: you are good at being a secret picture taker.