Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back down again

Monday we put our lives back into the hands of a Peruvian bus driver and headed down the mountain. We have sweet memories of Huaraz. After attending Zone Conference, a baptism and Stake Conference we learned what strong saints live here. They run their wards with little help from the missionaries.
After Zone Conference President Rios took everyone out for pollo a la brasa complete with Inca Kola and three kinds of dessert. Two of the sister missionaries told us about living in an isolated mountain pueblo where they helped with a fund raiser for a temple trip: they plucked chickens. One sister was brand new and giggled as she told us everywhere they go is uphill. I want my granddaughters to be like them. Go Hermanas!
Later on at the Baptism President Rios gave a talk where he seemed to personally address each person in the room, members and non alike. It felt like his comforting arms reached out and embraced everyone there, and he's only five feet tall:) I mentioned this to Sister Rios, and she pointed out that it was because the spirit was so strong.
Sunday at Stake Conference we listened to Elder Godoy from Lima, our area Seventy. He was full of stories. Once as he sat in the temple, another patron struck up a conversation. When he asked what his ward calling was, Elder Godoy replied he didn't have one.
"What, you don't have a calling and here you sit in the temple? You know the church doesn't run by itself. Everyone has to help. You march right in to see your bishop this Sunday and ask for a calling!"
Elder Godoy told him he didn't plan to attend this Sunday. What he didn't tell him was that he would be out of the country on assignment.
"What? When do you plan to attend?"
"Oh not for a few weeks. I'm busy."
"What? So you're inactive too? And yet you dare to attend the temple." After a stern chastisement and a promise to see his bishop as soon as possible, they parted ways. A month or so later, Elder Godoy had a speaking assignment in a certain stake conference. Seated in the front was that same brother from the temple. He didn't recognize Elder Godoy until he started to speak, then his jaw dropped open! Elder Godoy's moral of the story was, Don't rush to judge others:)
Elder Godoy told another story about a young man who went to his bishop week after week for counseling. After numerous visits without really applying the given counsel, the bishop hit on a method to bring home the fact that he continued to ignore his counsel. This time when the young man arrived he offered him a glass of chicha. As the bishop poured, the glass filled... and then overflowed. The young man said, Stop, what are you doing? The bishop replied, You come to me every week with your glass still full from the last session. I want you to take your glass full of counsel and use it all up solving your problems before you come to see me again.
Then Elder Godoy addressed us with, I hope all of you today come to me with empty glasses, having followed all the previously received counsel and ready to learn something new.

Mount Artesonraju, the inspiration for the famous Paramount Pictures Logo

Mount Artesonraju
Our bus waited its turn to go on this bridge. We wondered how it would ever fit. 
What pretty llamas....until one spit stinky green muck all over Elder Whitney's white shirt!

 Typical Incaica cuisine: cuy (roast guinea pig), llunca (soup with chicken and boiled wheat), panchamanca (chicken, beef, pork roasted in banana leaves) and chicha morada (fruity tasting drink made from dark purple corn) Pronouncing the names of each dish is as much fun as eating them! 

Atypical Inca chullo wearers

In Huaraz with Mount Huasc├írn 


  1. He does have a suit! What a beautiful couple, inside and out.

  2. Whoa! The Paramount mountain!

    We love the Hermanas in our ward too!

    I once heard of an new Elder in an interview with the mission president. The mission president asked him if he was thirsty and offered him a glass and a pitcher full of water. The Elder then proceded to fill his glass then over fill his glass until it spilled over and puddled onto the desk. The mission president jumped up to grab a towel and asked the Elder if he was nervous to be there, to which the Elder responded, "No President, everything I do I do 110%!"

  3. I agree with Melanie. Beautiful couple! I love that you share your mission adventures here.

  4. Lizzy: For lunch, did they have egg juice and sandwiches after they plucked those chickens?? Think about it . . . .
    Joe: that soup looks like barf.
    Martha: Joe, have good manners!
    Hyrum: Does Mario go down that green pipe that is in your romantic picture?
    All: the mountains are gorgeous.
    Martha: is one of the elders wearing a ring on his ring finger????
    Joe: those llamas are beautiful?
    Lizzy: do you have a pet llama?
    All: does a lot of people have pet llamas?
    Hyrum: that is weird that llamas begin with two Ls. Why?
    Lizzy: those flowers are really pretty in your romantic picture.
    Joe: do you like the llamas?
    Hyrum: except that one that spit on Grandpa