Thursday, September 17, 2015


For the Conferencia Chimbote we enjoyed the luxury of riding up with President and Sister Rios. What fun to meet with the Chimbote missionaries and see some of our "long lost sons." Here in Vir├║ they have what's called "Casa Capillas," churches in little houses, but in Chimbote they have a "Templo Capilla." It's not a temple, but it sure looks one. After the conference, we did some sight seeing and wound up by the ocean eating ice cream. Hermana Rios, being such a kind hearted saint, bought an ice cream for a man out picking up trash. He thanked her, then crossed the street to share it with his daughter and her baby. Hermana bought them another ice cream. Just then a little boy joined them, a son. Hermana bought another ice cream. Then another child showed up, a little girl. Hermana bought another ice cream. As they all strolled away eating their ice cream, they waved good bye with big smiles on their faces.

El templo capilla: a church that looks like a temple 
Feliz Cumplia├▒os!
KFC feast! Notice Colonel Sanders on the Inca Kola cups.
Llama the llama.


  1. Wow. It really does look like a temple. Very cute story about icecream.

  2. Hryrum: KFC is finger licking good!
    Lizzy: Whose Cumpilonas is it?
    All: The llama should be named Lorenzo the Llama!
    Hyrum: I wish I could go inside that church/temple!
    Joe: That really looks like a temple!
    Lizzy: The llama looks so cuh-oot!
    Joe: Is his name Lorenzo the Llama?
    Hyrum: we already asked that Joe!
    Martha: OK-- next set of pics kids . . .