Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Another Birthday...Already?

After the excitement of the Caminata, I just couldn't think of anything worth writing about. All I could remember was feeling exhausted and needing to rest and recover. Then I reviewed my photos and saw that we had several birthday celebrations. The first was at our leadership training where we wished happy birthday to a small crowd of missionaries including Sister Rios and Elder Whitney. Then we came home to celebrate at the Virú Zone meeting with Elder Hart and Elder Whitney. Friday night our District Virú President Blas called us in for a "very important" meeting, which turned out to be a surprise birthday party for Elder Whitney. We had singing, dancing, a piñata,  two cakes, lots of people and lots of treats. All the special treatment we receive never ceases to amaze and surprise us. We'll miss it when we go home.

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Celebrating August birthdays

The candles flared up like a torch. 

And they just wouldn't blow out...oh that Elder Millett!

With Sister Rios...and the photo bombers! 

Mmm...Papa John's pizza

Party time on Friday night

Fun for all ages! 

Bring out the piñata! 

Hurry...get your candy! 

Live singing and guitar

Make a wish.

See the old folks having fun! 

Let the good times roll! 

Happy birthday Elder Hart, also on August 5th.

Bon voyage...Oh, I'm gonna miss these gals: Sisters Opdahl, Pali, Ragsdale, Stephenson. 

Sister Pali

Sister Ragsdale

Good-bye at the airport: Sister Pali, Elders Caldwell, Christensen, Gibson.

Another temple trip: this time for the relief society