Sunday, October 4, 2015

General Conference

It's been a quiet week anticipating General Conference. It brings us new awareness  when they call it "world wide." Does it seem like the new apostles are getting younger? They're all younger than us this time. We watched it in English with the English speaking Elders in Puente. I brought cinnamon rolls. Today I have molasses cookies made with chancaca. Another concern this week has been the coming of the dreaded El Niño. It's a weather phenomenon predicted to bring torrential rains, flooding and famine. The weather forecast had predicted rain every day since October started, but once again today's sunny. We stocked up on beans and rice and other commodities, as we were advised to do. Tuesday is transfer day and we'll be going to Trujillo to welcome a new flock of missionaries. I guess that's weather long as the roads aren't closed due to El Niño floods.

Fun on the piano 
Fun with my phone

They're painting our Eiffel Tower....
 ….one brush stroke at a time.
Baa baa black sheep…..see the little black baby lamb.
Our 72-hour kit…bring on Él Niño, but I miss egg cartons.
Serious ceviche at José and Gilma’s Comodor Popular
Gilma runs the kitchen.
His name could be Guapo, but it’s Luca.
We learned how to make picarones. They turned out like fresh donuts.
Conference Bus:  “All things work together for good to them that love God.”
 cited by President Monson 10/04/2015

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