Sunday, February 28, 2016

Woof woof Surprise

Church is always interesting because we never know what to expect. In Nuevo Chao we always had to be prepared in case they asked us to speak. In Chao they often asked me to lead the music, so the challenge was figuring out what the song was in English so I'd know the melody. Then I'd lose track of the verses and by the fourth I didn't know whether to end or sing one more. Here in Las Flores, they just ask us to sit on the stand. Today we managed to escape that because the stake and mission leaders were here. We sat next to an open window in hopes of a breeze. The heat is intense day and night. Last night it rained, so the humidity is up. The church is like an oven, or a sauna after the rain. The surprise today was something brushing against my leg...a dog? Of course, there's always dogs in church. Back home I loved dogs, but here they're just walking communities for fleas. This one made his mind up to rest at my feet, no matter how much foot nudging I gave him. Maybe there really was a breeze, and he could feel it!
After church I had another little friend Lara. She took me to see her mom and baby brother Billy. Billy's having a bit of a struggle in life. Mom just took him off the teta/breast and he feels mistreated. She figures at age two he should be ready. We used to visit their family of six regularly, and they were ready for baptism except there was a problem with them getting married. Dad couldn't locate his birth certificate because his home town Huamacucho lost it in a fire or flood or earthquake. So they've been working on that problem, but it's been a few months. We'll have to visit them again, especially since Lara's birthday's coming up.

Surprise....there's a cute puppy at my feet in church. 

Wonder why he's scratching?

Fleas? I'll have to check my legs for bites. 

Baptism, familia Chacon

Cool occasion! 

Announcing our Pioneer Trek!

I'm ready, and Ken's working on hand carts! 


  1. I strongly believe that once they can ask for it, they're way to old to be on la teta. No one likes a missionary lesson being interrupted by a child yelling, "MAMA, LECHE! MAMA LECHE!" followed by the child pulling up Mom's shirt to have a sip.

  2. Flea bites itch sooo bad! And the fleas are impossible to kill. You can squeeze them so hard between your fingers and they still hop away afterward, ready for their next bite. The trick is decapitaton with your fingernail.

  3. How did you not scream in the middle of sacrament meetin?!?!!!!!