Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mr. Techno

Throughout our mission, we've seen ourselves grow and develop new talents in ways that can only be described as miraculous...leading choirs, teaching piano, organizing a pioneer trek... Then some people tell us about miracles that don't seem miraculous at all.  For example, temple attendance cures colds and coughs! Explanation: air conditioning filters the air so you can breath. A local member told us she was miraculously provided with temple clothes when the Trujillo Temple first opened and none was available! Explanation: the mission president phoned someone in the US who was on his way down and asked him to bring them. But the most remarkable miracle is Elder Whitney and his new talent for technology. He maintains a variety of devices which he uses to access church publications, download and store inspirational videos, share family photos, video phone the grandkids, organize presentations, share inspirational videos he downloads from YouTube, and you wouldn't believe his smart phone. It notifies with an authentic Peruvian flute melody that no one else has. At a missionary leadership meeting last week, he pulled out his tablet to sing the closing hymn. He looked pretty cool among all those young missionaries using paper hymn books. Then suddenly, "all by itself," the device started loudly playing the hymn. Elder Whitney tapped the screen, but to no avail. He pushed buttons along the sides, but nothing happened. He tapped some more, shook the device and stuffed it inside his coat, but nothing worked. It kept singing out the hymn. By now his clever smirk had transitioned to frantic desperation. The young missionaries looked on, thoroughly entertained. At the edge of tears, he found a solution. I turned it off.

It's Mr. Techno!

Why are these Elders staring into the baptismal font?

They're watching me plug the drain so they can fill it.

Marisol works at a lovely restaurant in Chao: Beny's.

Hurray for Hermanas!

Hermanas Rios & Whitney, the best hermanas of all!

Elder Miller...he's cool.

I just love hermanas!

New piano students, Alejandra & Ariana

We call these R2D2s. Everyone else calls them trash cans.

In Casma the streets are filled with moto taxis....except when I try to take a picture.

In some parts of Chimbote, they really take pride in their parks.



Sightseeing with the Marlers, president of the "other" mission.

These little piggies went to market.

They said we should take our kids to Huanchaco Beach in Trujillo.

They even have beach rentals.


  1. Joe and Lorenzo are really confused about how grandma can keep from getting soaked when plugging up the baptism pool! They are wondering how she can plug her nose and keep the drain plugged at the same time?!?!!!

  2. Lorenzo, Joe and Emi: that trash can really does look like an r2d2!!! We would never be able to throw trash in him!

    Joe: grandpa, instead of stepping on tires you should

  3. I love seeing the pictures and hearing about your experiences. I got a really big smile about the tablet singing at the meeting. Devices do have a way of acting out in public. I know mine has before.

  4. Oh Dad's always been on the cutting edge of technology. I remember the Ace 1200 computer in the basement as well as that old green screen with the monitor that folded down into a box... Would that make it a laptop?

  5. Lizzy wants to have the family reunion at this beach!
    All: we like the motor taxis!
    All: we like the r2d2 trash can!