Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bits & Pieces

After a busy couple of weeks in lots of places, here are the left over pictures that didn't get posted until now. We went up to Huaraz in the mountains to visit missionaries and check their rooms. We've been exploring the back roads in the foothills outside VirĂº to figure out a route for our youth pioneer trek / la caminata. We helped with a leadership meeting in Trujillo. And my piano students keep progressing. There's also been baptisms and marriages.  Busy busy! 

This family is getting baptized next week, but first they had to get married. 

Knock knock... who's there?  Turkey! Yup, there's a turkey at the door! 

Elder Whitney likes brain food. It keeps him brainy!
These two families were married Friday, so they could get baptized Saturday. At the wedding I found out I need to practice salsa dancing.
Harps are part of Peruvian traditional music, and this is one way they move them. 

Beautiful people 

More beautiful people 

And one downright cutie!
Some sight see in the pharmacy . . . for Dramamine.

What a charming little gal . . . on the bus with us
This ferocious creature jumped out of the bushes. We think it's a chicken.

Papaya fields forever

Beautiful papayas 

Mi burrito sabanero . . .  in case you thought burritos are what you get from Taco Bell.

Taking the bull by the horns. . .  right through town.

I see this truck all over . . .  I think it belongs in the movies,  Cars?


Samantha  & Mary... two sweet talented piano students. 

Why are we chopping things? 


For dessert we have mangoes.


  1. That's great about the marriages and baptisms!

    Lizzy loves the emoji t-shirt!

  2. Joe would rather have a horse instead of a donkey. He wants one for his birthday. Lyle would rather have a donkey, I would just like to eat a burrito, the kind at Taco Bell!

  3. Martha: those are big mangos!! Can't find those at Fry's.
    Lyle: the pizza looks yummy.
    Joe is falling on us. He's kind of sad I told him he can't have a horse for his birthday.
    Kids: what kind of rooster is that in the picture?!?!? Is that a turkey-baby-rooster????
    Martha: does Dad not wear his welding sunglasses any more???
    Lizzy: goats aerial cool!!!!

  4. You always have new drooling over the fruit!

  5. I love the pics. It is such a different world.