Thursday, February 4, 2016


We're back up in the mountains visiting the missionaries here and checking their living quarters and conditions. Meanwhile we explored some local sights, like the infamous town of Yungay, destroyed in the great earthquake of 1970, in fact it was during Ken's mission. Actually a mudslide buried the town several minutes after the quake when a chunk of the mountain with snow and ice broke off, obliterated a dam and started the great destruction. Next we climbed up to the national park in the Andes to experience some exotic beauties of nature.

We went to a mountain national park above Yungay where the peaks reach 7,000 meters, that's 21,000 ft.

It even has its own Romeo & Juliette legend.

Such beautiful views

This lake resulted from the tears of the two star-crossed lovers...awe!

Absolutely breath taking... literally because of the high altitude and low oxygen.

At the cemetery memorial at Yungay 

A little girl with her owl

This is a crumpled bus deposited on a three story building. The building is completely covered by the mudslide debris.

Ken & Edwin by one of the many rocks from the Yungay landslide... and we thought the mudslides were bad at Thunder Mountain

Ruins of the Yungay Catholic Church 

Adventures in eating: cuy...see his little feet sticking up?

More adventures: ceviche

This is my friend, Maria, who sat beside me and shared some of my pringles. She commented, Isn't it curious  what they do with potatoes!


  1. What a cool side trip! Hiking in some of the scenic locales outside the capital were my favorite p-days in the DR

  2. What a cool side trip! Hiking in some of the scenic locales outside the capital were my favorite p-days in the DR

  3. Glad you found some cooler weather. ;) Absolutely beautiful! (And Erie...)

  4. Children: was that owl really the little girl's pet?

  5. Children: the views are really beautiful!

    We remember the video and pictures you showed us about the earthquake. It was intense. The picture with the bus was creepy.

    We also see a girl with an umbrella photo bombing your picture with the bus.

  6. Joe: do you know someone who climbed that one tall mountain?

    Children: is that one of the tallest 7 mountain peaks in the world? We just saw Everest last night. Parts of it were really sad!

  7. Children: we see the bird feet in Grandpa's food. Crazy food to eat! The rice looks good.

  8. Oh yeah of all the foods the weirdest are definitely the potato chips. NOT