Monday, February 8, 2016

Cordillera Blanca y Negra

There's double range of mountains in the Peruvian Andes, one white with snow and glaciers, the other dark and barren. We went down the Callejon de Huaylas, saw both ranges, the people and the pueblos in between. With peaks as high as 20,000 feet, you can reach up and touch Heaven, or maybe Heaven has reached down and touched this beautiful part of the world. That would account for the many wonders to behold here!

A glacier peeks out at the corn field,the Cordillera Blanca
Beautiful people 
...dressed up in their daily best. 
Getting the cuy food
A culture still displayed in the Sierra; the one front is carrying a rose in her mouth. She's available.
Let's see...what's for dinner... chicken? 
If all your taste is in your tongue...
Three blind mice.... or cuy?
Maybe some brain food or just plain brains?
My new friends don't say much. 
Forget the 5" heels...I've got a 12" hat. 
Hurray for Hermanas....and Elders too!
Does that say, Inca Power? Does it run on Inca Kola?
Happy Carnaval! 


  1. Were the ladies dressed up for Carnaval?

  2. Those ladies sure do love their brightly colored clothes and tall hats! IncaPowered car...too cute!

  3. So is coy mice or rats in food?

  4. Are there a lot of carnival celebrations going on?

  5. The food in the market is so crazy! The goat heads are what nightmares are made of!!!! What's for dinner??? Goat head soup????

  6. I like how happy the fluffy elder is to be holding anot ice cream cone