Monday, July 27, 2015

Piano Lessons in Nuevo Chao

Today was the day I taught my first piano lesson, in fact I taught two. The girls were both so sweet, they made it really fun. Erica went first. She's had some lessons already, so I challenged her to play with both hands "Tan Humilde/Jesús Once of Humble Birth," simple version. Then with Marisol it was her first lesson ever, so we just did notes, rythms and fingerings. My biggest challenge is figuring out musical terms and techniques in Spanish. Instead of learning the notes as letters, they learn do, re, mi, etc. Middle C is "do central." Erica had this piano book called "Toca Bien" that was just what I needed to figure it all out. Wish I could find it somewhere.
Going home a combi saw us coming and waited for us on the highway. It was so full we told them to go on without us, but they insisted. They even moved people around to make room for us on the benches. I sat near the back, Ken sat near the front, and there were so many  people between us I couldn't  see him. Remember this was in a mini van. There were at least 30 people inside and I think more got on at the next stop. A little girl gave me her seat. I moved over and invited her to share the seat, but she insisted on standing. She asked questions about my name tag and the church, and speaking English. Then  the lady behind chimed in with little bits of English. They always ask our ages, and I get embarrassed. When I told them Ken was 65, an old man, the man sitting behind said he was 65 too, so I had to say that he was a young man at 65. So we all chatted, then the woman told me she was baptized but hasn't been to church in a long time. I invited her back, and she said she might come. Eventually they both got off, and the little girl and I talked some more. Her mom was the one collecting money on the combi. We could see Ken, and he was making faces at us. She gave me a big hug before we got off, and I told her mom what a sweet little girl she had.
I've been experimenting with recipes and figured out cinnamon rolls, so I made some for district meeting tomorrow. The sugar's kind of coarse and I used sweetened  condensed milk caramelized for frosting. We'll see how they go over with the young missionaries.


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    1. The time is already going by fast. I like the piano method detail. Interesting. Hurrah for Zion!

    2. The time is already going by fast. I like the piano method detail. Interesting. Hurrah for Zion!

  2. Mmmm, dulce de leche rolls, interesting...