Sunday, July 19, 2015

Getting around

It's a new feeling, not having a car, but then no one has one. We take taxis, collectivos, buses, and combis. To get to Trujillo, we catch a bus for 4 soles and it takes about an hour. To get to our other assignment in Chao, we take either a collectivo or combi for one or two soles. I'm not sure since we haven't gone there yet. To get to the big church at Puente, we take a collectivo for a sole, and to go to the small church in Virú we walk.
Today we took a collectivo to this meeting in Puente. It was a beat up old car with two passengers crowded into the front passenger seat, and a large girl with an ice cream cone in the back. We were pretty cozy next to her. When we got out I stepped back onto the road and nearly got run over by a truck. Ken says I need to be more careful.
Casa capilla Virú, Perú

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  1. We would take colectivos in the DR, only they were called "publicos" but same idea.