Friday, July 17, 2015

In Virú

Thursday after driving down the coast through fields of sugar cane, asparagus, avocado groves and corn, we finally arrived at our assignment, Virú. This is the Peru we remember: lots of energy in the streets, rows and rows of market stands, and lots of Peruvian culture.
That night we participated in the District Presidency meeting where they welcomed us with open arms.  El Presidente  Blas shared what he termed an inspirational experience about his goals for growing the Virú District into the Virú Stake. As he meditated about this goal, he decided two years would be a reasonable time. Wednesday the Mission President met with him and informed him he had a married couple coming tomorrow for two years. President Blas told us he realized at that moment why he felt two years was appropriate. He and the other hermanos assured us that with our help they could increase the attendance in the five branches of the district, and from there the goal could be accomplished. It's a meek feeling to have them put so much faith in us and our abilities. As the meeting proceeded, we could see the strength of the leaders in attendance. It was humbling to be in the same room with them. We have a way to go to match their spirituality.
This morning we met with the twelve missionaries from this incredible group! They are so fired up and so full of desire to invite the world to Christ, it's surprising the whole Virú valley had not been converted. No one played the piano, so one of the Elders accompanied the opening song "How Great Thou Art" on the harmonica...very moving.
Late afternoon we shopped for shaving cream and other necessities, like food. We also were wowed by a traditional procession with costumes, dancing and Peruvian flutes. Makes us feel like we're finally in Peru.

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