Tuesday, July 14, 2015

And we're off!

We knew it would be a long day, but it got a head start when Ken jumped out of bed at 5:00am, too excited to try to sleep anymore. The flight to LAX was delayed a few minutes...not much, but enough to start up his stress. Fortunately those agents at the gate have special training to calm such passengers. At LAX we had about an hour to connect, not enough time for the shuttle, so we sprinted across the terminal, outside across the passenger pick up, through terminals 4 and 2, and finally to the international terminal. What a maze of confusion! Then back outside, up the escalator through the airline counters with crowds of people and back to security. Somehow Ken figured out the gate and we got in line with our fellow passengers. The flight attendants were beautiful Peruvians who took my hand luggage, stowed it up top for me and tucked me into my seat. When Ken came along, she asked if we were going home, and I started to cry. Between the flute music and all the Peruvian Spanish around us, I really felt like we were going home.

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