Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Midnight in Lima

Midnight seems to be a busy time for flights arriving in Lima. All the baggage carousels were busy with flights from various points around the world. We collected our bags, went through customs, rechecked them to Trujillo, freshened up a bit, then wondered how we would spend our five-hour layover. A crowd of people waiting with balloons and signs started waving to us, so we wandered over. They were meeting a group of missionaries coming home from Chiclayo, what fun, just like in Utah.  Pretty soon they were shaking our hands,  and the girls gave me hugs & kisses and they all wanted to hear who we were. Then their missionaries arrived and everyone cheered....more hugs and handshaking. One of the older men (older than them but younger than us) Hermano Barboza, talked to us for over an hour about his missionary experiences and how he'd served as a bishop, stake president and other callings. He told us his conversion story, and it was pretty cool. He said it's published in the Liahona August 2001, "Esto es lo que andaba buscando," "This is what I was looking for." We'll have to look it up and read it. Then Sister Barboza came to get him...more hugs and handshakes...and they left. All in all we felt pretty welcome arriving in Lima at midnight.

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  1. I just looked up Hno Barboza's story in the Liahona... Pretty neat!