Sunday, July 10, 2016

Winter in Virú

Virú packs so much activity into these cool winter months. Festival after festival takes over the town with visiting dancers, bands and artisans selling their crafts. Many dancers and musicians are school groups competing for prizes. Like a comedy routine, we watched band after band march around corners and up and down the streets one after another ... and here comes another... and over there one more. When I walked to the market the street suddenly filled up with dancers one after another parade style. It's a good thing we don't get in a hurry because the entertainment just bursts onto the scene spontaneously. Also spontaneous, exploding fireworks sound off like bombs in a war zone all day and night with a brief rest from 1:00 am to 4:00 am. We'd jump awake thinking at least it wasn't an earthquake.
We finished up meeting with missionaries in Chimbote, then came home to build some more caromatos, handcarts. The caminata, trek comes up in just 18 days. I'm helping everyone sew bonnets and skirts again and Ken's busy with planning meetings for the "parents." The weather's been cool, just perfect for a trek.

The king

...with his warriors

Some kind of wild cat

Bloody sword

And the wolf drums on

As the black cow laughs

And the red queen watches

Here come the blue dancers led by that cutie in red. 

Cha cha cha

Swing your partner. 

All around the circle 

Dos si dos

Bell Ringers!

 Virgin of the Puerta...she always makes an entrance. 

Litter control

From the artisans...Incas verses Spaniards

The corner video store: new releases 2 soles, 60 cents

Joining the festivities

Fruit market 

I thought I was buying a watermelon. 

Maracuya makes the best juice ever. 

Practicing selfies...see the hummingbird behind us? 

Selfie with the Catholic "temple" in Chimbote 

Selfie with our office experts

We finally gave up on selfies and had someone take this: Elders Alcazar, Mexico; Millet, Utah; Maldonado, Equador; Ramos, Arequipa. 


  1. Wow! Que aguacataso! Nothing like the jugo de maracuya though.

    Fun to see that the church takes advantage of that cool months with trek too! We're doing trek this weekend with our stake youth, but my only responsibility is the graveyard security shift to discourage "extracurricular activities" especially between the YM and YW sides of camp!

  2. I love reading your blog. Brigham and Lovina are going on trek to Martin's Cove the first week in August. They get to climb Rocky Ridge. I don't think they realize what a priviledge it is to trek the pioneer trail. It is the last time our stake is going there because they are constructing a new trek site near Idaho Falls. I love seeing you involved in creating these great experiences for the youth in Peru.

  3. All: that temple is cool!
    All: You are getting good at your selfies!!!
    Hyrum: That's not no humming bird!
    Joe: That's a a awesome chess board

  4. Hyrum: Eligal DVD store. Cool.
    Mom: Does it have Captin America Silvil War?
    Lizzy: Cool paraide