Thursday, July 21, 2016

Preparing for the Caminata

Six months ago President Blas started dreaming about this caminata (trek). We really didn't expect it to come to pass, especially after we couldn't make the March deadline, and postponed it till July. Our blacksmith drug his feet so badly it just didn't look like the handcart wheels would ever get done. Then all of a sudden at the beginning of July he finished them. Maybe he finally needed the money. So Ken rounded up lumber and a drill and collected his trusty work crew. I revived the sewing efforts, so the young women got together and cut out skirts and bonnets for me to sew. It's a week away and we have 89 youths signed up to go. We even recruited the 14 elders in our zone to come along and help. It looks like the fun is just beginning.  And if that's not enough, we get to speak in church on the 24th of July. I guess we'll talk about pioneers.

Five handcarts lookin' so good

A mountain of skirts and bonnets

Here they are: Zona Virú, ready to help with the caminata...and celebrate a birthday for Elder Ortiz.

You can really pull these handcarts. 

We painted the wheels to give them a rustic wooden look. 

Here's our blacksmith putting on a fine show. With enough patience he finally came through for us. 

Ken and President Zanelli are just getting started. 

This is just before they lifted the carts onto the wheels. 

They actually fit together quite beautifully. 

It was a challenge, but that just made it more fun for Ken. 

President Zanelli insisted they didn't need an electric saw. 

Whatever doubts I had about these young women were quickly forgotten. 

They had a great time cutting everything out. 

Soon they took charge and pushed me out of the way. 

Maité's a beautiful pioneer. 

What a smile! 


  1. Our youth (and participating adults) just raved and ranted about how much they loved trek last week. I hope you're youth have as good of an experience.

  2. I cotinue to be amazed at your talents and abilities to pull off such a feat. Those handcarts and costumes are really cool. Lucky folks to have such a top notch couple serving there!

  3. Dear Elder and Sister Whitney. We put a link to this blogspot on Ann's facebook page here in Argentina. Her user name is 'Ann Haslam Flinders'. You can see many photos of the treks we have done here. Maybe we are seeing the beginning of a historical shift in the Stake Youth Conference landscape in South America with the arrival of handcart treks!

  4. By the way, you might let the youth of the Virú District know that they can go to '' and leave comments at the bottom of the page (in Spanish) about their trek experience. This would be a wonderful help to promote treks in South America!