Sunday, July 3, 2016

Adios y Hola

As we say goodbye to June, we can't help but remember its many sad farewells: President and Sister Marler, the Fackrells, and 17 missionaries. It feels so empty without them all. We've also passed our half way mark...only 11 months till our June 6th departure. Time does fly. However we also welcomed new missionaries, what a super group.  This last week it seems like we've done more than we could describe. Fortunately we have photos. We spent time in Huaraz, Chimbote, Casma, Trujillo and Virú interviewing Elders and Sisters and helping them complete their area binders. We attended a branch conference and a family history fair. We even ate lunch twice in Tortuga Bay, on different days that is.
What a joy to have piano accompaniment Sundays in church. After only eight months of lessons, Mary and Samantha have really put their hearts into learning to play hymns. It makes such a difference in Sacrament Meeting as the congregation learns to sing their hymns to correct melodies, not to mention the delight these gals' proud parents feel.
Our District had a temple day last Wednesday, and almost 100 people attended including three personal endowments and one family sealing. Such a crowd overwhelmed the regular temple schedule, especially since it was a holiday, and groups came down from all over the surrounding mountains. We arrived at 9:15 am and everything was filled up until 4:00. What to do? Then I saw Sister Casós, the temple president's wife. Between the two of us, and her husband, a special session was created just for Distrito Virú. President Casós gave our group a special welcome. Elder Hartman from our lunch bunch officiated, and Sisters Hartman and Casós assisted. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it was one of the most spiritual sessions any of us had ever been in.
We started building  handcarts Saturday. After working into the early afternoon, one of the members invited us to Puerto Morin for a beach side lunch. The good times never end!

Farewell despedido for President and Sister Marler 

Last lunch with the Fackrells 

The lunch bunch sees the Fackrells off at the airport.

Wave goodbye, everyone!

Bye to these elders upstairs. 

Elder Whitney tells the "Clap three times" story.

Remember the part about the ice cream cone?

Goodbye Ellder Talbot. He is so skilled...or maybe it's just a windy day.

Elder Miller, isn't it about time you packed?

Here come the new missionaries. They look pretty good from the balcony of our room at the temple albergue.

Selfie at the office. We had Elder Sanchez take this one. He's skilled. 

The new missionaries see the light!  

Tortuga Bay

See the white spot at the top of the mountain to the right of center? President Rios says, "That field is white and ready to harvest."

Family History Fair in Huaraz 

It's us.

What a good-looking family tree! 

Gals at the temple

Most kids are afraid of the white-haired Gringo.... unless he has Cheetos.

Lunch at Puerto Morin with Roberto & Eliza and their kids Sam and Robert jr.

How are we going to eat two more courses after all that ceviche?

The beach at Puerto Morin

Another Fast meeting....I just love these children's testimonies.


  1. Oh, that's the thing about missionaries. There's so much emotion that gets invested because of the Christ-like love and service you do together...and then they leave and it's so hard to say goodbye.

  2. It's so fun reading about all your experiences. Just love them all! I can feel your emotion in your words. I also love all the pictures Mom! My heart is so full of gratitude for both you an Dad. Love you, Martha

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences through pictures and words! I get so uplifted (and often entertained) by coming to this blog.