Sunday, July 24, 2016

Conferencia de Hermanas

Sister Rios decided to hold a conference for the sister missionaries. She went all out with her planning and really made those sisters feel pampered. Sometimes sisters feel like they're always in second place after the elders, but not this time. They had President and Sister Rios all to themselves the whole day, with no elders. They visited and caught up on each other's news. And they had a chance to say some tearful farewells as a large group of them will head home next week. We focused directly on the interests of sister missionaries with make up demonstrations, hair health, fancy braiding, a fashion show, and finally some cookie baking. It was such a successful event that Sister Rios decided to make it an annual tradition.

Hermanas in the front room of the mission home

Sister Rios welcomes all.

Who wouldn't accept the Gospel from these charming young women? 

Such beautiful smiles

And sweet spirits 

What a day to remember! 

They're all fun to be around! 

We had such a high class make up demonstration. 

Even Groucho Marx!

The sisters gave each other facials. 

With so much natural beauty, make overs are easy. 

Then we did hair. Notice the beautiful backyard garden. 

And posed for pictures. 

 Look at that beautiful braid. 

 One last visit before Sister Stephenson goes home


With Sister Flake

President and Sister Rios

With Sister Opdahl

One last group photo in the garden outside

 Happy Birthday, Elder Ortiz, Feliz Cumpliaños! 

Say Hola to Maria the llama!

Elder Sanchez models suspenders for the caminata/trek.

We attended a wedding. 

 We didn't get to sample these goodies though because we left early at 9:00 pm. We heard later that by the time the bride and groom arrived, they didn't serve dinner till midnight. We could hear the music from our apartment going strong till 4:30 am.

 Elder Whitney's at the post office mailing birthday cards... Happy Birthday, Grandkids! 

This might look spooky, but it's just the municipal sanitation crew in Virú. The other morning they decided to join me running around the Plaza de Armas. I guess there's always someone watching. 

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  1. With la conferencia de las hermanas, did Elder Whitney have to sit and wait outside? Or do an intercambio with some of the youngsters?