Friday, April 29, 2016

Exploring the Andes

We're back in Huaraz visiting people and places. With so many picturesque venues in the mountains, how can we possibly visit them all?

They call Chavin the "Rome of Peru," but it didn't look very Roman to us. 

This is the temple at Chavin.

Fascinating architecture 

We really needed someone to take a selfie for us. 

We should be able to figure this out. 

Elder Rodriguez has a selfie stick...that's what we need.
E'Rodriguez, Lima; E'Ortega, Cuzco; E'Arretea, Lima; E'Gibson, Reno

That's Ken way in the back of that dark tunnel. 

And Linda, holding up the roof in case of another earthquake. 

Look, we found a hole in the tunnel wall. 

No, it's not a gargoyle, but the head of a falcon. 

Portal of the Falcons

Hey kids, can I pet your lamb?
Beautiful lagoon at Querococha
Let's try another selfie.

Wait, llama...I just want to take a picture. want to shine my running shoes? The funny part is that he  charged me 25 soles, $8.00.


  1. The selfie story line way cracks me up! Very beautiful landscape and interesting ruins.

  2. Who is teaching those children about strange danger??? This is why Lyle said about the cute pic of the children with the lamb: "hey kids, nice lamb, I have a few more in my car. Want to come with me and see them?"

    Ha-- we are all bustin up!

  3. Way cool tunnels! Is there a grizzly bear behind grandma? Hyrum wants to know.

  4. Grandma, you got scammed with the shoe polish guy!