Sunday, April 24, 2016

County Fair in Virú

The sign says: 17th International Fair of the Ciruela plums...Virú land of a thousand sweet delights. The famous festival of the plums finally arrived this weekend with thousands of people invading our little pueblo to partake of the excitement. When we investigated, we couldn't help thinking, What's the Clark County Fair doing here in Virú? Ken even noticed a worker up on a power pole who looked just like Ed Steffan. Might I mention that shortly thereafter the power blacked out in all of Virú? It's a couple of kilometers from our apartment, but we can hear the music till around 4:00am. And just like during the Clark County Fair, hardly anyone came to church...and it was District Conference. Our leaders acted really surprised, but we weren't. It was just like during the fair. No wonder I had such a hard time with the choir. Today before church I was still recruiting singers...and in the end we actually pulled it off.

Inflated slide...just like the Clark County Fair 

Crowds of people listening to music and watching the folkloric dancing

Carnival rides

Ed Steffan on the power pole??

Cleaning the church for District Conference 

Ciruela plum ice cream 

Cotton candy 

Peruvian barbecue 

Ciruela plums and Ciruela jam

Interesting delicacies 

President Zanelli is cooking his wife's Ciruela jam.

Fruit art! Can you name the fruit?
Guanabana, mamey, limon for the hat, ciruelas for the eyes
Can you make a table skirt? Of's easy...some day I'll learn....

My piano student Jasmine is in a parade! 

Look at those beautiful costumes. 

Turkey update


  1. How fun! Too bad for district conference. We're trying to recruit for the ward choir as we've been asked to sing in Stake Conference with an apostolic visitor. We could use your recruiting skills.

    1. We had different people show up at each practice. When it was time for Conference they all showed up. Just hang in there :)

  2. When is turkey day in Peru?

  3. When is turkey day in Peru?

  4. I love your blog! You two are awesome! Because you put it in my head, I say hello to all your R2D2 friends that collect trash down this way. Are the delicacies from your food order or did you stick with chicken and rice?

  5. Fair looks inviting, minus the fried lizards. If I eat lizard I prefer it to not resemble the living creature.

    And a man mopping the floor is very attractive. I totally get why you took that picture.

  6. The kids can't get over that they have cotton candy in Peru!!
    What type of meat is in the delacacy pic??? Lizzy says: baby giraffe, Joe says: baby gators, Lyle says: lizards, Hyrum says: alligators and lizards combined, Martha says: Gila monsters

  7. Fruit art: we don't know the fruit but we have a good guess on the animal: elephant, or ape, or monkey

    Sweet parade

    Wild turkeys are so crazy!