Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cañon del Pato

Our suitcase went up on top of the Yungay Express.

We decided to take the scenic route through Cañon del Pato, Duck Canyon, down the mountain from Huaraz. We traveled between the Cordillera Blanca and Negra to catch the Yungay Express from Caraz. People cautioned us against going such a dangerous way, but we were eager for adventure. The scenery amazed us at every turn...yes there were many turns as we switch backed through cliffs, rivers, waterfalls with the stark beauty of the Andes peaks staring down at us. Some of the hairpin turns were so sharp the bus had to back up to get around them. At times I looked down out the window to see nothing but the bottom of a sheer drop off. Soon I quit looking, unable to watch how close to the edge of the road we drove. It was thrilling like a roller coaster ride, but unlike a roller coaster ride, this one didn't end quickly, but went on for hours and hours. And there were tunnels through the rock, 35 of them, built by the mining companies and electric companies. Since the tunnels were only one lane wide, the bus honked every time we entered one. The thrill became nerve wracking as we bumped along the dusty road, swinging around narrow corners and honking through the one lane tunnels. When we finally stopped to wait for road crews to clear a rock slide, the relief felt good, but it was brief. Maybe next time we'll take the boring road.

Waiting for the bus in Caraz,we strolled through the Plaza and happened upon the Class of '65 Reunion. 

Ken finally found someone to sing his favorite Quechua song with him. 

"Hay Amor de mis amores/ Ilusion de alma mia..." This guy actually knew the words in Quechua. Why didn't I video this performance?
The Plaza in Caraz, "Prohibido Entrar" means "Do not enter." That must be how they keep it so beautiful.
So many waterfalls
Rivers and bridges


Cowboy in Huallanca

The town of Huallanca nestles in a valley beside the river. A dozen switch backs later, we reached it.
 It's called the Light of Peru because they make hydro electric power.
Lunch stop
Mmmm...a hot bowl of yunca
Uh oh...somebody stole our seat...he's at our window.
Honk before entering tunnel. 

We saw lots of signs like this one,  "tunnel ahead."  We kept waiting for one that said "tunnel behind."


  1. Honk before entering tunnel. That's one way to avoid accidents in the dark!

  2. I am glad you guys are still alive.

  3. Tunnels: crazy crazy adventure. Yes we are glad you are grandpa are allive'

  4. What in the heck did grandma eat for lunch???