Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Who ya gonna call?

We heard a loud buzzing noise outside and looked out the window to see smoke rising out of the neighborhood. Swarms of killer bees? A flock of giant humming birds? A crew of chain saw bearing gangsters? What could it be?

Smoke billowed over the houses down the street. 

It wafted out the windows. 

The source of the buzzing reminded me of a scene from Ghost Busters.

It turns out the health department was fumigating VirĂº for dengue fever mosquitoes. 

We invited this nice man to come home with us.

His mosquito torch shot flames.

He left me with a ghostly apparition in the smoke.

THe next day at zone meeting the experts drilled us on the causes and symptoms of dengue fever. Don't worry, we're perfectly safe now. 


  1. Uuh. Dengue fever no thank you.

  2. We had an Elder contract "bone breaker" disease while I was in the DR. He said it wasn't any fun.

  3. Crackin' Up. It must be serious if you can make it so entertaining. ;)

  4. Love the pics that go along with ghost buster's theme! Is there a vaccine for that fever?