Sunday, November 8, 2015

R & R

Everyone needs some rest and recovery from time to time, and that's what we've been doing this week. Ken took good care of me, and even cooked some soup. Our favorite neighbors surprised us with a tableful of gourmet delights, plus Inca Kola Zero. We strolled through the market to splurge on our favorite Peruvian fruit. All in all we should be ready to rock and roll again next week!

An absolute gourmet!
Is it Panettone? No, wait, even better it's Inca Kola Zero!
With neighbors like these, what else could we want?
This is our favorite grocery store, Guillermo's. He's got everything!
Of course you want to buy some celery!
How did this truckload of cornstalks fit down the market on a crowded Saturday morning?
Yummy fresh fruit from this morning's market. Can you read the label on the orange? It's not Arizona.


  1. Lizzy: Where do the store owners get the food to sell?
    All: No. We cannot read what the label on the orange says. Where is it from?
    Hyrum: I never knew boy missionaries knew how to cook.
    Lizzy: What is the stuff on those cookie lookin things?
    All: So glad you are feeling better Grandma!!

  2. Glad you guys are getting some good rest this week. You crack me up with the Inca Kola Zero!