Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving?

We were invited to a big fancy gringo Thanksgiving at the Trujillo North mission home! As it turned out though, we spent the day in meetings with Elder Uceda when he came to Virú, so our feast was spiritual only :) Not to brag, but I enjoyed two long visits with Sister Uceda on two separate days, yes a real general authority's wife! Now we know all about each other's kids and grandkids, and especially about Sister Uceda's 200 nativity scenes from around the world! They were all on her iPad. One time her little granddaughter gathered up all the baby Jesús pieces to play with them. Her parents quickly scurried them back into place before Grandma knew, but she could tell...imagine a Japanese baby in an African nativity, or an Apache baby in a Cuzcoan nativity....
Yesterday we presented our primary program in Nuevo Chao. As my experienced primary president, Megan, advised me, the kids got serious and pulled it off. We spent our primary lesson & sharing time singing songs, reviewing parables, and drawing pictures of them on the chalkboard. After a quick lunch, Ken went off to more meetings with President Rios and Elder Uceda while I rested. At choir practice in Puente the district president jumped in with his leadership, and then the district primary president took charge of the Burrito & Cholito songs. She preferred the Motab versions and took on the challenge of teaching it to everyone. Wow, it was awesome! Meanwhile my two helpers signed people up to read the scripture parts between songs. This was truly an answer to my prayers to somehow make this easier for me.
After choir practice, two elders took us to visit a family in Victor Raul. It was our second time there, and they're fun to visit, Mom, Dad and a 17-year-old son. We challenged them to get married so they could get baptized. She didn't take it well, but we'll see after they pray about it for a while.
Today's Monday, our real day of rest!

All dressed up to see Elder Uceda!
Peruvian babies are so cute! 
We took Herman Rosa to the temple for her first time. 
Baptisms are such a fiesta! 
And so much fun...
Group photo
Hot picarones...better than Krispy Kreme


  1. It was great to chat with you guys over the weekend! Glad the primary program fell together. I'm jealous of the 200 nativity sets! We have a ward activity this coming weekend where we've collected 50 or so sets from around the world and have them displayed in the cultural hall with musical acts coming in and out. Sister Uceda's collection sounds like a real treasure!

  2. It's really a miracle that the primary kids always pull it off, isn't it? A true testament that Heavenly Father loves the little children!

  3. Love the story of grandkid playing with the baby Jesus's. I keep my collection of one nativity set low to see how the grandkids rearrange it.

  4. Sounds like a very "full" Thanksgiving!

  5. I remember picarones. You shared them with us! We all loved them too.

  6. I remember picarones. You shared them with us! We all loved them too.