Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Feliz Cumpliaños

How many birthday celebrations does it take to add up to 62? We certainly had plenty this past week. Such fun amid the week of changes, saying farewell to the departing missionaries, and getting ready to welcome the newbies! Plus Sunday I spoke in church, and we decided to put together our primary program for the end of November, and Sunday night we had our first Christmas choir practice. The turn out was so grand that we had to seat everyone in the church benches instead of the choir seats. The plan is that we will take our Christmas presentation to the Plaza de Armas in each of the local pueblos...a regular Motab fantasmagoria, Peruvian style. It will be so much fun!
Tres leches cake with Inca Kola at Zone Meeting 
Fiesta with Elders Miller, Norton, Millet & Arévalo 
Elders Miller & Arévalo celebrate a successful six weeks together. 
Love that tres leches!
Elders Anderson, Rivera, Stephens, Cruz & Maldonado 
Private party between Sunday meetings with chocolate brownie Sundaes
Glad I'm not sick anymore
Sunday night at the mission home
Hurray for Hermanas! Is that a photo bomber? 
Dreaming of Jurassic Park
Dreaming of more birthday cake
Elder Stephens loves birthdays!
Parable of the sheep and goats...but we like goats!
Guillermo & Susana at their store
Yes, Elder Anderson, there is a Santa.
Santa??? Elder Volquez wants to see him! 
Romantic ride in a moto taxi 

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  1. Yay! Looks like lots of celebrating for a deserving girl! Happy belated birthday.