Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cholito Jesús

The choir's Christmas program is really coming together with the addition of Peruvian Christmas songs. "Cholito Jesús" tells the charming story of how Jesús was born in Peru. It was a humble birth while Joseph played the queña, a Peruvian flute. Meanwhile shepherds came bearing gifts of wheat and quinoa. And Mary and Joseph drank, what else, but, chicha! "Mi Burrito Sabanero" describes the story of riding on a donkey to visit baby Jesús in Bethlehem. I have a group of children singing both songs, and they're so cute. Now if I could just get them to dance together between verses....I did get them to swing around with me, but so far they're too shy to do it on their own.

Click here to sing along with Mi Burrito Sabanero
Click here to sing along with Cholito Jesus

Other happenings this week include welcoming new missionaries, rehearsing the Primary Program, rehearsing a Primary musical number for Elder Useda, family home evening with a fun family that included 3 generations and a literal family tree growing up through the front room, teaching temple preparation to someone and making plans to attend and escort with her Friday. One of her questions was about a dream she had where she was all dressed in white and didn't know why... Tomorrow Elder Useda, President of the South America Northwest Area, will be here for two days of visits and meetings...Wednesday Trujillo, Thursday Virú. Wednesday afternoon we're planning to attend the temple with the Huaraz missionaries. This will give me a chance to visit with some of the sisters I've been staying in touch with. Meanwhile we're settling in our new missionaries in Virú. We've had so many changes this transfer that out of 16 missionaries, only one pair stayed the same...and us of course. We don't expect a change! So we're helping these new missionaries feel more at home with luxuries like hot water in their showers and pest free mattresses and apartments, or at least pest reduced.

Welcome new missionaries...notice the pyramid of rice on each plate.
Welcome sisters...hurray for hermanas!
Tamales rolling out of their banana leaves
Elder Hernandez plays by ear with lots of improv...I think he needs an electric guitar.

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