Saturday, October 10, 2015

SUD Santos de Ultimos Dias

From conference comes our new favorite scripture: I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth (grandchildren, too) 3 John 1:4.
Busy week....Monday we spent the day in Nuevo Chao visiting, doing business, teaching piano, washing blankets. Tuesday we greeted new missionaries in Trujillo including Hermana Celina Hielo from our St. David Stake. We helped spread out breakfast for about 30 missionaries, and after meetings we went to the mission home to serve lunch. As he welcomed the new missionaries, President Rios introduced us the "Abuelos," Grandparents of the mission. Wednesday brought us zone meeting with a birthday treat and more piano lessons. I have a father and daughter pair of students who do all their assigned practicing! They even sight read through the beginner lessons. Whatever will I do if they get better than me? Guess I'd better keep practicing too. That evening we stumbled on a parade with lots of dragons and people carrying torches to celebrate the anniversary of the local school. Thursday was a big day. We had a service project sweeping sand off the streets and sidewalks in Nuevo Chao. They rounded up a hard working crew from the District, and we worked all morning. By the end we felt like a couple of old folks and snuck quietly away. Before we got far the phone rang, and Lydia invited us back for some of her special ceviche. They had a "little snack" for everyone, a huge spread including gallons of ceviche, seaweed, various salad ingredients, camotes-sweet potatoes, yucas and Peruvian spaghetti, plus Guaraná to drink. To top it all off, we got to ride home in the chartered van instead of a combi. What a day! That evening we attended the wedding of Raúl and Cynthia in Virú. It was huge. They packed a hall with guests and served up a fancy dinner with Inca Kola to drink. Some say it's the champagne of Perú. Peruvian law says that the marriage must be performed by the local mayor complete with legal documents and inky finger prints. And after all that, we danced. It amused us to see everyone dancing sixties style, everyone except us. Ken couldn't resist twirling me around with his own sweet steps. We must have been the first to leave at 9:00, exhausted, but we heard the party went on through the wee hours. Friday we met the newly weds at the temple for their sealing, so special in the new Trujillo Temple. It seemed odd that only six people showed up. I guess celebrating with the bride and groom in the temple is a tradition that has some growing to do.
Saturday's a prep/recovery day. We've got lessons for Sunday, and.....our choir has an encore. There's an area conference in two weeks requiring a choir, so of course, that's us. Angie, Maria and I brainstormed at the service project, so today I get to organize our ideas and print out music for tomorrow's practice. And that takes us to Sunday, our day of "rest."

Feliz Cumplianos, Elder Callata. 
Birthday cake up the nose is why we keep our birthdays a secret.
Bienvenidos new sisters and elders....
...with their first, but not last, servings of rice.
Vivi and Jeffery, little angels
Everyone loves a parade...
...long scary dragons.
OSHA approved ladders?
Really Linda's there...she slipped out of sight just as they snapped the photo.
That's the sand that was on the walk.
Kenliness is next to .....?
Mote, Ceviche, Camote & Yuca, Seaweed, Maiz Nuts
Raul and Cynthia
Amazing how happy you can get on Inca Kola


  1. Wow! They really put you guys to work! You sound so busy! But at least it's the fun kind of exhausting.

    What ever came of the all of the El Niño flooding? It looks like you've been spared so far.

    I think I remember using some of those "OSHA approved" ladders working in Beaver on Uncle Vern's barn...

  2. All: Awesome picturers! There was a lot of stuff that happened!
    Lyle: That is crazy about how they get up on those high ladders!
    Joe: That is a lot of sand to sweep off the sidewalks!
    All: We did something like that yesterday. It was make a difference day and we painted the HS fence blue.

  3. Mom-- you GREAT in those jeans!!