Sunday, October 25, 2015

Grandma Duty Always Needed

Last night we had a baptism. It was huge, three families! Our Elders hard work finally paid off. And we have two more scheduled before the end of the month. One of the families asked me to babysit their cuddly six-month old, so Maité jumped in too. It was a couple hours, so I was glad to have her help. By the end of the evening I told the parents that I was adopting him as a grandchild.
Today at area conference I got to kiss my new grandchild again, and later I noticed Maité had found him too. He's such a cutie. Speaking of Conference, the choir sang "Oh How Lovely Was the Morning." Some of the young singers are so creative they wanted to sing it to the time of "Come Thou Font," so we did, the last two verses. Elder Millett arranged a beautiful accompaniment. Everyone was wowed, and Elder Whitney shed tears. After conference, President Blas told me the next choir assignment would be Christmas carols in the plaza de armas of Chao, Nuevo Chao and Virú. Sounds fun.
We've also spent time this week planning a temple trip for Nuevo Chao. We've been doing family history with members so they can take the work to the temple. Meanwhile Family Search notified us about a 1921 Newfoundland Census newly indexed. It captivated us into the wee hours for several nights. We now have 63 ancestors awaiting ordinances. Hopefully our temple trip will come together some time soon. 

I love Grandma Duty.
Maité loves helping. 
More baptisms!
Baptisms galore!
Amazing papaya trees in Virú 
Grandma Linda and her other grandkids

Doumit Noah Bassil, his brother Naim, Doumit's wife Mary Rose, Naim's daughter Martha Bassil Boulos,
children of Doumit & Mary Rose

Edward & Martha Boulos, my grandparents

Paul Boulos, my uncle who died at age 11

Grandma Martha Boulos with daughters-in-law Lodi, Caucub (Kay) &  and cousin Mamie

Doris with daughters Linda & Tina at their home in Rexdale


  1. All: those are such cool trees.
    All: Why is yous Uncle Paul in that uniform? It looks like he is a child soldier?
    Hyrum: does the fruit taste good from the trees?
    All: that baby is soooo cute!
    All : we love the family history pictures?
    Joe: I think that baby is cute
    All: that is crazy awesome that all those people were baptized!
    Lizzy: I like the hair in the ancestor photo with all the ladies

  2. All of your family history work accompanied by the old photos makes me shed tears too!

  3. Love those pioneer ancestors, Linda! So glad that you have so many converts, both sides of the veil.

  4. Love those pioneer ancestors, Linda! So glad that you have so many converts, both sides of the veil.

  5. That choir number sounds beautiful! What a sweet baby! Those family photos are amazing! So exciting!

  6. So happy to see your faces and hear of your successes on many levels. Love you guys.