Saturday, February 25, 2017

Puertas abiertas

Puertas Abiertas or Open House is a new missionary program. We started in Huaraz, mainly to get out of the summer heat on the coast, and ran programs in each of the three chapels there. A week or two before, we present a Sunday class on inviting non members to come out and preparing displays for different church programs like Primary and Relief Society. Then we bring in our banners and panels along with a crew of missionaries to put on the Saturday night festivities. It's been a fun activity and has resulted in hundreds of referrals.

 Elders Torres, Miller, Henao are ready in Huaraz.

Luisa, Rochelle and Helaman greet with their music. 

Hermanas Paredes and Hielo start the tour in the chapel. 

Elders Rottweiler and Paitan continue the tour. 

Elder Arévalo captivates his audience. 

Elder Peterson keeps them interested with prophets.

Elders Luna and Huaman teach baptism. 

Hermana Whitney teaches about families. 

Eldes Torres and Guerrero are faithful in the rain. 

Elders Sanchez, Rottweiler, Henao, Carr, Miller and Guerrero say, "What rain?"

Elder Paitan waits for referrals.


Sociadad de Socoro 

Mujeres jóvenes 

Hombres jóvenes 


Escuela dominical 

Historia familiar 

Elders Quevedo and Lopez hang out the welcome banner in Caraz. 

Elders Miller, Gonzalez, Arévalo, Lopez in Carhuaz 

Elders Carr, Lopez, Chino, Sanchez and Quevedo 

The casa capilla in Carhuaz has a beautiful open area to set up our panels. 

Visitors watch and listen as we explain each panel. 

Elder Arévalo with Sister Whitney all set up in Carhuaz

Future missionaries from Huaraz

Elders Quevedo and Lopez teach baptism. 

Sister missionaries: we do things elders can't.

Elder Arévalo, an eloquent spokesman

The great Caraz team

With Elders Miller, Gonzsles, Arévalo,  Sanchez, and Carr in Caraz

Inca Kola with chicken sandwiches

Rochelle welcoms visitors with her beautiful music. 

Elders Carr and Gonzalez take referrals.

Elders Chino, Carr, Gonzalez, and Arévalo are ready to take referrals.

The Young Women's display stand

This young man spoke about what he learned from earning his Faith in God award.

This Relief Society made framed pictures of the Family Proclamation and presented one to us in Carhuaz. 


  1. Love seeing these! Elder Rottweiler just sent us the link today! Looks like an awesome program!

  2. Your pictures gave us some good ideas for our open houses. Isn't it a great program?