Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Llanganuco with Zona Huaraz

Monday we joined Zona Huaraz for their pday at Laguna Llanganuco in Huascaran. We went so high up into the Andes it felt like we were on top of the world.

Blanca the llama

With Elder Rottweiler 

Zona Huaraz

Laguna Llanganuco 

Hermana Paredes with Blanca

Hermana Hielo with Blanca


Elder Peterson with Blanca 

Elder Quevedo with Blanca

Elder Guerrero with Blanca

Elder Lopez is not afraid of Blanca.

Blanca with Elder Guerrero 

Elder Chino with Blanca 

Elder Chino was the bravest of all. 

Hermanas at lunch 

Tour guides at lunch

Elders at lunch

More Elders at lunch

Elders at the laguna

Hermanas on the bridge

Front view

Riding the tour bus

The quinine tree

The town of Yungay, once buried under a mudslide after the earthquake of 1970

Elder ArĂ©valo finally got his ice cream cone. 

Beautiful fresh snowy peak of Huascaran 

Snowy peak behind the church in Huaraz

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  1. Brother & Sister Whitney, my son is Elder Tennyson Miller and I loved seeing the pictures you have of ALL the missionaries on your BLOG. I especially loved seeing Elder Miller's handsome smiley face too.
    All my love, Sister Candice Miller