Sunday, February 19, 2017

Carnival in Huaraz

We're in Huaraz doing Puertas Abiertas/Open House at the churches in Caraz, Carhuaz and Huaraz. We do a training session Sunday and hold the open house the following Saturday, so there's a week for us to help everyone prepare. With two down and one to go, President Rios called us back to Trujillo. We'll have to come back next Saturday to finish up. Meanwhile, we love it here. The mountains are beautiful, the ice cream's delicious, the people are wonderful, the weather's cool, and we keep running into parades. After narrowing down the hundreds of pictures I took, here's what's left.

Look, a parade!

With balloons and a band

Beautiful costumes...or is that regular dress? 

Some of them are definitely wearing costumes. 


Delightful dancers

Handsome horses

Yampy llamas

The princess waved to us. 

Curious character 

Dubious dog

What in the world?

Huayno dancers hold their skirts and step daintilly.

And raise their hats

It looks like they're dancing, but really she's running from a water gun.

Cute kids

Bashful bystander

On to Carhuaz 

Sweet smiles

Cat in the Hat?

But they assured me it wasn't Carnival.

Click here to view the colorful

 Carhuaz Parade》》Carhuaz Parade

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