Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pollo a la Brasa

Last night we went out for Pollo a la Brasa, chicken roasted on a spit. It was so good that Ken had it half eaten before I could take a picture! Notice the dark purple juice. It's chicha morada, a fruit punch made from black corn. It tastes more like berries than corn. If you read the Peruvian story in the Once Long Ago storybook, it mentions chicha.
Afterward we visited a family here in Virú Pueblo, the Verbeecks. The grandmother turns 68 soon, and they're planning a big fiesta somewhere out of town.  Her deceased husband is Belgian, and she told about her adventures in Europe. She said she was just a small girl from the countryside in Peru.  One time the family went out, and she got left behind at the bottom of a moving staircase! It was terrifying...everytime she tried to step onto it, the step moved away from her! Finally her husband had to come back and rescue her. She said it was embarrassing. She's also been to Mesa, AZ where one of her kids lives. She remembers the brutal heat, the hottest she's ever felt. One time they went to the temple to watch this beautiful show on the grass...the Easter Pageant!

Que rico...finger lickin' good!

"The Prince and  the Maiden" a Peruvian tale from Once Long Ago


  1. That place looks pretty upscale, I guess that's why Dad's wearing a tie for dinner...oh wait...

  2. Again, from Martha and clan, not Mel:
    From kids: WHAT is the chicken on a SPIT??? From kids: how do you grow black corn? From kids: my Mom is going to read us the story today about the chicha juice. From all: that is a funny story about the escalator!!