Monday, August 10, 2015

Choir Debut

Sunday was my first choir practice. At first I was scared no one would show up, then as my singers trickled in I was scared because they did show up after all. I think the district president was out in the hall sending in recruits because more and more people kept coming in, even a couple of native speaking young missionaries. I had my two little accompanists ready, except they hadn't learned the music yet, so we put the keyboard on automatic. Since I really didn't know what I was doing, I just tried to be complimentary to everyone and thanked them all for coming, and begged them to come back next week. I felt like the missionaries were picking on me when they kept asking me to sing through the songs solo, but it turned out that they just wanted to hear the music to learn it. So I squeaked through. It looks like we'll be performing our two songs in unison, "Me encanta ver el templo" and "Id, oh santos, a el templo." I'll add a few simple variations like one verse male voices and one verse female voices, plus one of the missionaries will have a harmonica part. It will be interesting. They are all heart and soul. By the time we finished they were sounding pretty good! Ken's giving me a crash course in conducting before the next practice. 

Un dos tres... Do I look as petrified as I feel?


  1. Super fun! I'd be in your coro! Many of the missionaries' favorite was Placenteros Nos Es Trabajar, since it is beautiful and not in the English hymnal.

  2. You are so brave! It is such fun reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  3. Grandma Whitney, you are doing awesome! We would like to sing in your choir. Hyrum says, "I guess so." I think that means he would want a solo!!!
    Love, Martha, Lyle, Hyrum, Lizzy, Joe (I'm not sure why it says it's from Mel. Although I would be really nice if she was here with us too!!!)