Sunday, August 2, 2015

Holá, Holá!

Today the saints in Nuevo Chao came out in full force. We even had primary! Sacrament meeting is on the second floor, so we go downstairs for Primary.  The kids welcomed me singing the Spanish version of "Hello, Hello!" There were about 15 children. It's hard to say exactly because they kept moving around and coming and going. After an hour of sharing time, the primary president took the younger kids to another room and left me with the older half, along with the teacher, Hermana Trinidad. They started class with an opening song and talked me into letting them sing "Sigue al Profeta," all nine verses. They sang with such gusto it interrupted the adult classes upstairs. Then Trinidad let me give the lesson from my trusty Liahona that I just happened to bring with me. It was a sweet experience.

At stake/district leadership meeting on Thursday, Ken says the district president suddenly noticed my talents and abilities and reached out to me for a couple of assignments. I'd kept a low profile in the previous two meetings, but he still called on me for the closing prayer in both of those meetings. This time he announced a stake/district relief society leadership meeting, and asked me to be the main speaker. I softly said no but Ken said, "Sure, she would be delighted." I disappeared back into the wall flowers. At least I thought I did until he announced the upcoming stake/district conference. President Blas looked straight at me. I don't know how he did that because I know I was invisible. Then he asked me to organize a choir for stake conference. Who, me? No way! Once again Ken threw me under the bus and said, That'd be great. Hermana Whitney would love to." Just then one of the young women stopped by for some keys, and it turns out she's one of the advanced piano students. An amazing 'coincidence.'
Finally today after church we had the Elders over for dinner and asked them to phone our prospective accompanist. We went down to the church, met with her and her sister, and agreed to work on the music together. As an added bonus, we met two other sisters, also piano students, and arranged with their mother to start lessons with them too. Rewarding day!
Holá, Holá!
Willing ayudantes
Sigue al Profeta, all nine verses, twice!  

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  1. Maybe for the district choir you can just have the primary children sing Sigue Al Profeta!