Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Adios y Bienvenidos

Another change week: they seem to be getting closer together! Our hearts ached saying goodbye to this group. We've known them a year and a half, and it seems like forever! The new group is small but dear totaling three elders and one hermana, two from Argentina, one from Colombia, and one from Peru. Our week also included a combination wedding and baptism with the sister missionaries in charge. First we gathered at the Virú Pueblo church building for the marriage ceremony, then we headed to Virú Puente to use their font for the baptism, then it was back to Pueblo for the celebration. Fun time with chicken and rice, desserts and dancing. I learned to huayno dance...those sisters are so patient with me! We left at 9:00pm, but they may have gone on all night! We spent time Monday with the Pulido family. They taught two missionaries to make lomo saltado and a dessert called souffle. Another fun time with another patient sister!

At the wedding

Hermana Silva takes a selfie with Elder Whitney and Hermana Navia. 

Look at those darling twin boys walking their mom down the isle, the absolute highlight of the entertainment! 

Hermana Pulido teaches Elders Silupu & Greer to make lomo saltado. 

And he's pouring out the souffle

Elder Greer even did the dishes.

President Blas demonstrates the family vehicle. 

Count em: 1, 2, 3, 4.

It's parade time again. 

Look at those handsome devils!

Hurray for Hermanas at Concilio!

And hurray for Papa John's pizza! 

The zone leaders agree. 

They think pizza's the best party of the meeting. 

Though they don't say it out loud. 

After such a lengthy training, they've earned the pizza! 

Welcome Hermana Taco, Arequipa; Elders Salas & Luna, Argentina; Elder Dala, Colombia.

With Hermana Taco

Farewell Hermanas Vidal, Ecuador & Merchan, Colombia 

So cute in her Sombrero! 

The farewell group: Elders Muñoa, Alcazar, Contreras, Ortiz, Rivera, Volquez, and Hermanas Ashton, Vidal, Merchan. 

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