Sunday, November 27, 2016

Clear days in Huaraz

We made a quick trip up to Huaraz with President Rios to check on the missionaries and hold a conference. Riding in the president's car is such a luxury compared to the slow  hot noisy buses. We climbed the mountain in less than half the time and more than twice the comfort. However when we stepped out of the car upon our arrival, we realized the downside of the trip. Climbing 12,000 feet in such a short time left us both breathless and dizzy in the high altitude. 
Today was District Conference and showtime for the choirs. The Primary and Youth choirs performed in the Saturday session. Their singing was so outstanding that President Blas invited the youth to sing again today. The adult choir sang awesomely today and even did a prelude and postlude of Christmas carols. The missionaries helped us out with the men's parts, and the two sisters sang harmony, so we really had a fine sound. Also Marleni sang her solo "How Great Thou Art." Everyone was wowed, and I can't help but think that she was wowed too by the powerful spirit in her first LDS service. 

 Just enough rain fell to beautifully frost the mountains around Huaraz. 

On a clear day you can see forever in Huaraz. 

On the way up President Rios stopped at Tortuga Bay: Elders Henao, CA; Benitez, Argentina. 

We passed the time at the beach waiting for our seafood dinners. I had shrimp. 

 President Rios takes good care of us and even indulges us with selfies. 

In the morning he insisted on finding us a typical Huaraz breakfast of quinoa with apples. The trouble was that they only sell that on the street, and he's always taught us to beware of street food. He finally found a place that looked safe. The lady there turned out to be a church member, so that was an added bonus. 

The quinoa was delicious, and we know it was nutritious. 

As I walk out in the streets of Huaraz, I just can't stop myself from taking these beautiful pictures.

Hurray for Hermanas & Paneton in Huaraz: Hermanas Paredes, Lima; Hielo, AZ St David Stake.

We're practicing for the District Conference choir: Hermanas Navia, Ecuador; Silva, Chile. 

The Primary choir did a great job with "Jesús en pesebre."

The youth choir sang their hearts out with "Juventud de Israel" and "Fuente de la Vida Eterna."

Here they are with the district presidency after the conference. Aren't the flowers beautiful!

And finally the adult choir sang "Master the Tempest" and "Weary Not." That's "Paz, cálmense" and "Si la vía es penosa." The Elders look and sound so good across the back, plus Elder Hernandez on the piano and don't forget our sister missionaries at the right. 


  1. Wow, those are some strong looking numbers in your choirs! You and Dad are having way too much fun!

  2. Camilla likes the pretty flowers and the pretty clothes the Peruvian women wear. Oliver likes the pretty view from Huarez. Lillian says, "yeah" and that her favorite song is I am a child of God.