Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Chocolotada

About a month before Christmas, we started planning an activity for Primary called La Chocolotada. Nobody would explain the details to me because they assumed it was self explanatory, a chocolotada. I supported the idea because the mention of chocolate was all I needed to stay interested. Bit by bit I figured out it had to do with Christmas and involved fun and games. Lidia bought toys to give the children for Christmas presents. When the day finally arrived, we met at someone's house for fun and games. We sang songs and Lidia thanked everyone for supporting the Primary. Then came the food: hot chocolate served with stewed chicken and big chunks of Paneton. Everyone was so excited. Successful activity! Since then we've been to three other chocolotadas. They all included Christmas, hot chocolate, chicken and Paneton. Mystery solved.

Hot chocolate, chicken & Paneton 

Little gangsters

Gerson: future missionary

Ducky, ducky!

Pretty pato!

Last minute Christmas shopping

Fresh chicken for that chocolatada 

Santa does looks different down here

But we know it's Elder Contreras, right, Elder Bly?


  1. Mmm, La Chocolatada... That sounds like a Christmas tradition I could get behind!

  2. Gerson will need a haircut first ;)