Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad

The Christmas season doesn't start here until the week before Christmas. Suddenly people put up Christmas lights, decorations pop up in the Plaza de Armas, and rows of shops take over the downtown streets. Everywhere you look you see stacks of Paneton, a tradition started back in the 50s by Italian settlers who had to have their Panettone. This tall sweet bread is yummy, and we've had some almost every day for the past week. Sunday our Christmas choir made its debut in church at Chao where the newly combined Chao/Nuevo Chao branch met for the first time. It broke many hearts to dissolve our dear Nuevo Chao branch, but it will be much stronger this way. Sunday evening the choir sang in the Plaza de Armas in Virú along with our children's choir. It went so well that Tuesday we'll perform again in the town of Victor Raul, and maybe even in Chao.

This is President Blas's favorite picture, so he put it in the Plaza de Armas.

Christmas Choir in Virú

Choir with children singing "Burrito Sabanero" and "Cholito Jesús"

Christmas decorations in the Plaza, Virú

More Christmas decorations

Papa Noel with shades and cotton snow

Bottle tree and cup snowman

Beautiful at night




Boracho tree made from wine bottles

Don't forgery the Panaton!

Christmas shopping in Virú

Lots of shops

Our display in the Plaza

Meat pies for Christmas

Feliz Navidad from the Plaza de Armas in Chao!


  1. Love the variety of trees! Feliz Navidad! Lovely couple!

  2. Papa Noel is a good name for Santa

  3. Love the pictures Mom! Beautiful to see the way they celebrate Christmas in Peru. Awesome job with your choir!!!! I would love to sing in a choir with you as the teacher/ conductor!

  4. I can't wait to show the children the Christmas pics. Jenn is not sure how to call from fb. I will be back in town this wed and will pick up the kids on the way to the house. We will check in with you Thursday morning to see if we can talk then.

  5. Your meat pies are making my mouth water!!!

  6. I'm glad to have the clarification on "burrito" from our Christmas call. It totally changes the song for us. ;)