Monday, May 29, 2017

Virú, our final Puertas Abiertas

Our final Puertas Abiertas was Saturday in Virú Pueblo. Before that we did Virú Puente and Chao. With record numbers of referrals, we felt like the program went out with a bang!

 Presenting the Puertas Abiertas in Palermo, Trujillo

She always yelled "Chau" as we walked  away. 

This gal always gave us the best produce for the best prices. 

Hermanas Marisol, Fullmer, & Muñoz in Virú

Elders Morán & Flores

Elders Johnson & Daza

Hermanas Muñoz & Marisol

Societal de Socorro Virú Pueblo

La Primaria with Patti

Fernanda Huamanchumo & Micaela

Hombres Jovenes with Raul

Mujeres Jovenes with Yahaira Zanelli and the youngest Huamanchumo 

Gianpierre Zanelli

Jhon Vargas

Hermana Payne

Roberto & Eliza at Puerto Morín

Brownies: Hna Fullmer, Fernanda, Patti & mom, Micaela, Angie, Hna Muñoz 

Hna Fullmer


Marisol & Rosa

Flor, Maddisson & Overcito, Elders Plock, Tuares, Morán, Velasquez



New missionaries May, 2017

Luis Quintana

Elders Quevedo & Elliot

Hermanas Mayra Ortiz & Milagros

Hermanas Perez & Muñoz

The twins: Alissa & Susana Chavarria 

Renzo Blas

Elders McMillan & Stroud

Elders Walker & Johnson

Presi Overcito, Rosa, Hna Ricardina

Elders Tuares & Plock

Elders Daza & Alarcon

Hermanas Perez & Muñoz

Elders Elliot & Quevedo

La Primaria in Chao

Sociedad de Socoro with Hna Ricardina

Hermanas Herrera & Dallimore

Elders Pacco, Cruz, Gonzales, Quevedo

Distrito Huaraz

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