Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Have you ever had a dream that seemed too crazy to come true? That's how we felt about sharing Peru with our kids. Yet they really came, and the entire week passed like a perfect wish come true. Our little group of 12 floated on clouds day after day, sometimes literally! Peru has always held a place in our hearts. Ken served his mission here in 1969-71, and we spent several months here together in 1974. The Sacred Valley of the Incas extends from Cusco to Pisac to Calca, Huayocari, Urubamba, Ollyantaytambo to MachuPicchu and many pueblitos in between. They're filled with beauty, culture, mystique, breathtaking views, awesome people, enchanting ruins and precious memories. Our children finally understand why we've always talked about PerĂº with love.  This week will forever stand out as our trip of a lifetime!

High above Pisac with its distinctive terraces.

 Lamb or llama?

Still practicing selfies at the Inca agricultural experimental station at Moray

Becca makes her way up the narrow rock steps to Huaynapicchu with the river 1000 feet off the edge.

Ancient Inca salt mines, still producing today

Waiting to get on the Inka Rail

Feeling tired but contented... on the way down from the Pisac ruins

Shannon and Melanie in the clouds

McKay gets a flute lesson high above Pisac.

Linda and Martha rest on an Inca ladder at Moray.

Riding the Inka Rail to we look happy? 

Keresa learns weaving at Chinchero

Everyone loved the textile demonstration at Chinchero.

Two beauties: Kayla & MachuPicchu. 

We spent the week in the clouds, often literally! 

MachuPicchu, McKay, Keresa

Sweetie for the Sweetie, Ollyantaytambo 

I wonder what it was like to be an Inca farmer here in Ollantaytambo. 

Becca & Nick stroll up a cliff-hanging trail in Ollyantaytambo. That's Martha & Linda up ahead. 

Lucky Shannon...he got the chicken foot! 

Chris watches Summer play Samson at Sacsayhuaman, aka "Sexy Woman."

Baby llama 

Resting, almost to the top of Huaynapicchu... MachuPicchu in the background

McKay barely makes it up Huaynapicchu. 

He's just in time to join us at the top for a photo! Actually....he ran ahead to be first up and had time to goof around :)

Martha's pretty baby llama 

 Becca & Nick explore Sacsayhuaman. 

Chris & Summer discovered this delectable dining venue in Cusco.

MachuPicchu with three generations

High above the Sacred Valley

It was a dream trip of a lifetime! 


  1. Replies
    1. Last time it took us 43 years to come back. Let's not wait so long again!

    2. Yes! I want to go back too! It was a dream going with you Mom and Dad!

    3. Last time it took us 43 years to come back. Let's not wait so long again!

  2. Ah...Dreams do come true it seems. What a lovely time for your family! I have loved the photos on facebook, and you have assembled the best of them here. I have always wanted to visit Machu Picchu, ever since I saw a picture once in National Geographic. But I like these better because there are such lovely people in them too.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn,it's so fun to share with you!

  3. Lizzy and I just looked through these pictures. I had a blast telling her about each one!

  4. I didn't see some of these on FB. I loved that it happened!