Monday, October 31, 2016

Another change week

The old missionaries leave, and the new missionaries arrive. It gets more emotional each time because we've known them longer. This time they sent us sister missionaries in Virú...hurray! They live upstairs where the elders used to be. President Rios presented a missionary activity in three of the branches yesterday where he had all the members fill out referral papers. Later on in the evening we invited the sister missionaries and the elders to come over and meet with a few young adult members. They sorted through the referrals while enjoying a fun visit complete with brownies and chicha morada. We old folks can still throw a successful party!

Farewell to the old....

Farewell Sister Lindblom. She's gone home to Mesa, AZ.

Welcome the new! 

Translating and more

Welcome to Virú Hermanas Navia from Ecuador and Silva from Chile.

We go running together...hurray for Hermanas! 

Welcome to Virú, Elder Weller from Kamas, UT.

 Elders Weller and Ricse stopped by for cinnamon rolls. 

This little keyboard turned Jeffrey into a rock star when we brought it over for his sister Vivi.

After shopping at the market we couldn't help but marvel at everything that comes in plastic sacs: pepinos, olives,  bread, dried mushrooms, flour, tomatoes, herbal tea leaves, eggs, shortening, fresh milk, mangos and so much more. Also yeast, spices, corn starch, all dry goods, rice, beans, meat, fish, glue, small hardware...

And Ken just came home with a soft drink in a bag...that's burnt cevada, an herbal grain drink. 

Breakfast fruit medley with blueberries, mangos and pepinos...pretty as a picture. 

A small herd of llamas treks across our bookshelf. 

Lunch at the mission home, prettiest place in Trujillo! 

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