Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fast Sunday

Today was Fast Sunday since last week was elections again, and I can't tell you how inspiring the meeting was. Children lined up to take their turns and competed with each other and the adults over who would go next. They were all so cute I wished I had taken their pictures, so about half way through I started taking pictures. Then I noticed in one of my pictures that the mission president counselor sitting on the stand was looking straight at me with a disapproving look. Oh was still a spiritual experience. And speaking of children, I often take pictures of children, just because they're so cute. I'm not sure if it's because of their beautiful features, or the innocent way they look at us, or the uninhibited way they talk to us, but they're always irresistibly cute.

Inspiring Testimony Meeting

Our zone got team jersies.

They're cool on the back and side too! 
Looks like some famous painting

Shirley Temple

A centavo for his thoughts

Spiderman...oh yeah!

Just plain it his eyes?

Construction sites always catch Elder Whitney's attention.

This is how they move dirt to the site.

Just out visiting teaching

How would it be to live in this house on a hill?

Entering this market, I couldn't help thinking, "Walmart?"

This is the blacksmith making the wheels for our pioneer handcarts.

Outside the Viru school, we noticed a long line of students ready to march in a parade.

Mary ran over to see us and told us it's their special Peace Day parade.

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  1. Labor seems to be much cheaper than efficiency. We notice it's usually the women running the wheelbarrows.