Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chocolate Chip Cookies

What's everyone's favorite cookie? I guess it's the same worldwide. Anyone who knows anything about cookies always asks me if I can make "chocolate cheep coookies." For some reason, cookie making has not yet evolved in Perú, maybe because hardly anyone has ovens. Some people look at my cookies in amazement and ask, "How did you make them?" They just can't imagine mixing oatmeal and flour and coming up with a cookie. Peruvian cooking typically means either frying or boiling, and that doesn't add up to cookies. The family next door has been wild about my cookies ever since we moved in six months ago, and last week they invited me to show them how to make them.

First you chop the chocolate into little pieces. 
If you have the luxury of a mixer, have at it. 
Don't forget to add the chocolate, right, Victoria? 
My mom always said,  "If you eat raw dough, it will make a brick in your stomach."
Mmmmm we can't wait!
Victoria is such a fast learner! 
Finished masterpiece! All we need is milk, right Alejandra? 


  1. Looks delicious! My favorite for cooking in the DR was a Mrs. Field's recipe for Super Fudge Brownies! Always a hit! Then there was one time I found a case of expired but edible peanut butter at a flea market and we made peanut butter cookies and brought them to the women in our area for Mother's Day. They were as thrilled as the people look in your photos!

  2. Lemme guess, the little baby is Alejandra?
    There's a one-page article in the January Ensign about blogging to share the gospel. I'm not sure whether it made it into the Liahona.

  3. All: the baby makes us laugh in the last picture because she looks upset that she doesn't get to hold the cookies!

  4. Lyle: my fav cookie is c chip. Lizzy: my fav is